The Sale And After – Part 1

The country was in turmoil it was going through the fifth year of recession, there were very few jobs about, little food was getting through, power was only on for three hours a day, there was a major shortage of water, no police force most hospitals were closed no schools were open and very little authority. It was only the very rich that could afford to buy anything. New laws were brought in and slavery was brought back, sixteen year old Steve was a thug who ran a blackmarket gang selling stuff for three times the normal price to the rich people most of the goods had been stolen people were not bothered they were happy to get the goods. It was the day of the monthly slave sale and all the rich families were gathered, the seller walked on stage and after running through the rules and requirements announced that there was a very special new slave for sale and when Steve was brought out onto the stage there were gasps of surprise, Steve was secured with chains round his ankles and his hands handcuffed behind his back, Steve looked out at the gathered smiling people he saw the Amy the daughter of one of his biggest customers who was four years younger than he was sat looking at him, Steve hated her he thought she was stuck up. The seller started the bidding, then somebody shouted out ” we want to see what we are buying ” the seller said ” the girls are here ” the shout went up they will see him at home so strip the bastard naked let them see his cock, a guard walked forward and sliced through Steve’s clothes with a very sharp knife, Steve’s clothes fell to the floor leaving him naked, Steve saw Amy staring at his seven inch dick and smiling, comments were being made and somebody shouted out will that cock work, a nurse walked out and injected Steve with a liquid form of viagra and after a couple of minutes Steve’s dick grew to a nine inch erection, then to Steve’s horror Amy’s dad shouted out ” Amy go up there and test it ” a smiling Amy walked up onto the stage stood beside Steve and took his dick in her hand and started to jerk him, Amy was loving the hardness and warmth of Steve’s dick in her hand as she jerked him and after five minutes Amy felt Steve’s dick twitch in her hand as he squirted four long spurts of cum, the bidding then started and Amy’s dad ended up making the highest bid, Steve was taken off stage then after half a hour Steve was placed in a collar and chain and taken outside still naked, Amy held the chain on Steve’s collar pulling him along as they walked home, the effect of the viagra was keeping Steve’s dick fully erect and many of the local residents were staring at the naked thug and making comments, Steve walked along in silence with his head bowed and after half a hour he was in the cellar of his new home where he had been told he was to be Amy’s new toy, Steve knew that things were going to get worse as Amy started to jerk him a second time that night, In the morning when he woke Steve saw a few of Amy’s friends stood smiling and knew that he was going to have to escape . When Amy’s sister July who was two years younger than Amy started to jerk him Steve knew he had to escape soon.


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