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Sharon had been in court expecting to be sent to a young offenders centre and was very surprised when the judge had adjourned sentence telling Sharon that if she got a job in two weeks he would not put her in custody he would send her to a young offenders centre for five years. Sharon was sixteen years of age a violent trouble maker who despite being very good looking did not have many friends, There was only two days left of the two weeks and Sharon had been turned down for every job she had tried to get, It was now nine in the morning and Sharon was in the office of Mr Khan the owner of a Bangladesh factory, Sharon was waiting for the turn down after submitting her job application, and was very surprised when Mr Khan said ” you can a one day trial today if my family are happy and satisfied you can have the job, Karen was really happy as she walked out of the office she was determined to get the job. Mr Khans daughter Anjana who was two years younger than what Sharon was smiled at Sharon and said follow me, Sharon knew that Anjana was a lesbian and hated her but did not say anything just followed her to a stock room once inside Anjana looked at Sharon and said to her ” show me your tits ” Sharon looked at Anjana and was about to tell her to get stuffed but knew if she did she would not get the job and go to the young offenders centre so started to undo her blouse once it was open she unclipped her bra letting her boobs fall free, Anjana smiled saying nice you have really nice tits now show me your cunt, Sharon raised her skirt and lowered her panties when Anjana told her to take them right off Sharon did, Anjana looked at Sharon’s love tube saying nice, Anjana walked over to Sharon and placed her hands on Sharon’s naked boobs and gently rubbed them, Sharon just stood still thinking I better get the job, Anjana stopped rubbing Sharon’s boobs and told her to lay on the table with her legs over the edge Sharon did as she was told once she was on the table Anjana’s twin Asif brother walked in looked at Sharon smiled and said ” yes fucking nice ” then after a pause said ” take everything right off ” Sharon stood and stripped then after being told to lay back on the table did so, The twins stood admiring the naked thugs body, Anjana moved forward and started to rub Sharon’s boobs while Asif started to rub her love tube, Anlana stopped rubbing Sharon’s boobs bent her head forward and started to lick and suck Sharon’s nipples, Asif stopped rubbing Sharon’s love tube stood back and undid his trousers, Sharon saw Asif’s six inch dick appear and thought shit, a couple of minutes later Sharon felt Asif’s dick enter her love tube then felt him start to thrust in and out Sharon was happy that after a couple of minutes Asif pulled his dick out and squirted his cum over her belly, Sharon thought at least he was quick, Sharon then saw the twins sixteen year old brother who had been nicknamed thumper because he was a junior boxer, Sharon saw that thumper had an eight inch erection sticking out in front of him, Asif wiped his muck from Sharon’s belly and stood back, thumper moved forward and when he slid his erection into Sharon’s love tube and pushed in as deep as he could Sharon let out a cry, and with Anjana still licking and sucking Sharon’s love tube thumper started to thrust in and out of Sharon’s love tube going as deep and hard as he could after five minutes Asif could hear Sharon groaning, as thumper thrust in and out he felt Sharon cum and heard her groan deeply as she did, both Asif and Anjana were sat on a bench watching as their older brother carried on thrusting in and out of Sharon’s love tube, the twins were admiring Sharon’s nipples that were very erect, after a few more minutes of thrusting in and out of Sharon’s love tube thumper pulled his dick out and squirted his cum on the floor, After wiping his dick and putting it away thumper left the stock room, Anjana got up off the bench walked over to Sharon and started slid her fingers inside her love tube and started to finger her, and after five minutes felt Sharon cum and smiled a big smile, over the course of the day thumper serviced Sharon three times making her cum twice each time, Anjana had fun with Sharon’s body a few times but Asif was no where to be seen, At the end of the day a very tired Sharon walked home after being told that she had got the job, When she appeared in court again she got a fine and a final warning and started work at the factory a few days later where she fitted in well and was soon happy with her added job of keeping the owners kids happy.

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