The Truck 2 – New Sex Story

The illegal immigrants were waiting in the lorry park in France,where after a hour a large white van being driven by seventeen year Steve stopped near to where the immigrants were waiting, Steve went and spoke with the immigrants and after being given a large amount of money went and got back in the cab of the van where he gave the money to his sixteen year old sister July who put it into a secret hiding place, after hearing their bangs on the cabin wall Steve said they are onboard and set off on the journey to the port where he drove onto a ferry that was bound for England, after crossing the channel Steve drove out onto the motorway and started the long journey to where he was to leave the immigrants, after driving for a couple of hour Steve pulled into a quiet area of a service station on the motorway then after seeing immigrants leave the back of the van drove to a large hanger where he parked up the van then after collecting the money left July with the van telling her he would be a few hours. July wet to the van and got in the back looked around but did not see the man and his two sons hiding behind boxes, July got out of the van leaving the back open and went to the shower unit in the corner and with out knowing that an Indian man of forty and his two sons were watching her stripped naked and stepped under the shower, the two Indian boys who were twins and four years younger that what July was watched in awe as July washed her large boobs and love tube it was the first time they had seen a naked white girl and were loving what they were seeing, after a few minutes, July stepped out of the shower and looked towards the door where she saw her boyfriend Kevin who was Steve’s age, she said ” you took your fucking time ” Kevin walked over to the shower where he stripped naked lay July on some boxes and slid his eight inch erection into her love tube and started thrusting in and out, the Indian trio watched in awe as Kevin thrust in and out of July’s love tube making her groan in pleasure as he did and not long after July climaxed Kevin squirted his cum in four spurts over the floor, the watching trio were all staring eye’s wide open, July and Kevin had a quick shower then after drying and dressing left the hanger. Ten minutes later Steve returned to the hanger where he spoke to the three immigrants, the man gave Steve some money, Steve then drove them to the service station where the three had boarded the van when the others had left, as he drove away he thought if my sister and Kevin knew they had been set up and watched having sex they would go beserk.

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