The Twins Part 1 – New Sex Story

Tracy and Sara were known as the twins in the small country town where they lived, they were not related in any way at all but were known as the twins because they were very close friends they hung out together and both had a very bad reputation for causing trouble, they hardly ever went to school which pleased their teachers, when the pair were in school they were very disruptive, if you had fight with one of the girls the other would soon join in sticking up for her friend. Asif was the son of the Bengali guy who owned the local corner shop close to where the two girls lived, at sixteen years of age he was four years older than what the girls were. Asif was stood outside the unused former caretakers office on the estate where he lived, the twins had stolen cider from his dads shop and he had followed them to the office where he was listening to the girls as they talked, Tracy was saying ” told you it would be easy to nick the booze ” Sara said ” what if we had been caught we would be in real shit ” Tracy replied saying ” yeah we would have to do anything they said ” and after Sara had said ” what anything at all ” Tracy said ” yeah if they told us to strip naked and let them fuck us we would have to do it and not tell on them ” Asif waited a few minutes then walked into the office saying caught you you thieving little bitches now your for it ” then closed the door, the girls looked at each other, Asif told the girls to stand which the girls did, Asif smiled and said to the pair ” strip naked ” and watched as the girls slowly undressed, once the girls were naked Asif admired their developing boobs and love tubes, he then told the girls to lay on the old table in the middle of the room, once the girls were laying on the table Asif undid his trousers letting his eight inch erect dick spring out, the girls looked at it and Sara said ” are you going to fuck us ” Asif nodded walked to where Sara was laying on the table lifted her legs and after pulling her towards him Asif rubbed his dick on her love tube, he then slowly pushed it right up Sara’s love tube, as she felt Asif’s dick slide into her love tube Sara let out a deep ahh, Asif started to thrust in and out of the tight love tube and soon could hear Sara breathing very heavy, Asif pushed in deep with each inward thrust and after five minutes smiled when he felt Sara cum after a few more thrusts Asif stopped and pulled his dick from Sara’s love tube, he then looked at Tracy and said your turn walked over to her and after pulling her forward to the edge of the table pushed his dick right up her love tube and started to thrust in and out, after a few minutes like her friend had done Tracy was breathing heavy, it was not long before Asif felt Tracy cum but carried on thrusting in and out of her love tube feeling her cum twice more before he pulled his dick from her love tube and squirting his cum over the floor, Asif stood back smiled and after putting his dick away told the girls if he caught them nicking from the shop again they would get the same and left the old office. The girls got dressed and left the office with out speaking. A few days later Asif was just boarding a train when he saw Tracy getting on the same train, Asif thought wonder where Sara is, Asif sat down noticing the carriage was empty except for him and Tracy, After the train had left the station Tracy approached Asif as she did Asif noticed the stud on her jeans was open and the zip part way down, Tracy looked at Asif and said to him ” you going to fuck me again ” Asif smiled and said ” yes get your jeans off and freed his dick.


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