The used wife – New Sex Story

” Well baby you look sexy. ” He said to her reflection in the mirror

” Thank you. ” She replied.

” Are you ready for this? ” He said to his wife.

” You sure have some weird fantasies. ” Carly said leaning in kissing his lips.

” I know, you sure your up for this? ” He said.

” Oh yeh why not, its only sex right? ” She replied.

” Yeh, well lets do this. ” She said.

She checked herself in the mirror. Straightened her long blonde hair, cupped her C cup bust over her gown rubbing her bust. Her husband stepped behind her sliding his hands onto her hips kissing her neck. She pushed him away and turned around wrapping her arms around his neck.

” I’m someone else’s tonight. ” She said.

” I know, its my fantasy babe. I’m just horny and find this very erotic what we are about to do. ” He replied.

” I know baby, well go set up and I will be 5 mins.

Adam stepped out of the room letting his wife prepare. He stepped into the kitchen picking up his beer.

” She nearly ready? ” Stu asked.

” Yeh bro. ” Adam said looking at the man who was about to fuck his wife, Adams fantasy filming his wife make a sex tape hesitantly excited him. Let alone her brother.

She appeared around the corner.

” Sis. ” Stu said his eyes trailing up and down his sisters body, she wore her red satin gown and silver strappy high heels. Adam specific in the clothes he wanted his wife to wear.

” Stu. ” Carly said seeing her brother. He was 3 yrs older than her. She stepped up to the guys picking up a beer taking a sip.

” So this is your fantasy? ” Stu said to Adam.

” Yeh, filming my wife make a sex tape. ” Adam replied.

Stu put his arm around his sisters waist pulling her close, his eyes looking up and down her body.

” Fuck Carly 24, hot and sexy. ” Stu said

” Not your little sister anymore. ” She said.

” Fuck no, your a grown woman. A fuckin hot woman. ” He replied.

” Yes, ” she said replying looking at her brother putting her hand on his chest.

” Well lets see whats under here? ” Stu said pulling the tie on her gown. Adam watched as his wife’s gown fell open, both males sets of eyes looking at the beautiful lingerie she was wearing.

She stood in a lacy red bra. Her breasts pushed up in the fitting underwire bra. Her erect nipple visible through the lace. They looked down at the red lace g string, a hint of her labias through the lace.

” Wow. ” Adam said looking at his wife.

” Haven’t seen these ” Carly said smiling at her husband.

” No. ” Adam said smiling at his wife.

” Better start filming Adam. ” Stu said leaning in kissing his sisters lips.

Adam picked up the camera and started filming his wife and her brother french kissing. Stu’s hand running through his sisters long blonde hair as they passionately kissed.

Stu stood and slid the gown off his sisters shoulders pushing it to the floor. His hands moving over her body as they kissed.

Stu kissed her neck groping her breasts. He leant back and kissed her nose.

” Always wanted to fuck my sister. ” He said.

” I know. ” Carly replied.

” Even better her husband filming it. ” Stu said. Carly pulled up her brothers top revealing his smooth muscular chest. She slid her hands down his chest over his nipples, down to his stomach, she leant in kissing his nipples. Her hand moving to the bulge in his shorts. She looked up at him as she moved to her knees pulling Stu’s shorts down in the same movement, her brothers large cock springing out.

” Wow. ” She said wrapping her hand around his thick shaft ” Its big. ” She said.

” Suck it baby. ” Stu said looking down at his sister slowly stroking his thick shaft. She looked up as she leant in. Stu pushed his head back and closed his eyes as he felt his sisters soft lips kiss his knob, her tongue circling around his circumcised knob.

” Ummmmm. ” Carly moaned sliding her mouth down her brothers cock, aware of her husband filming it. She slowly sucked up and down his cock.

” Fuck that’s good sis. ” He said. She pushed her hand to his balls caressing them as she slid her other hand up his chest supporting his cock with her mouth, slowly moving her mouth up and down her brothers thick shaft. She could taste his precum as she sucked.

He moved his hand to her head holding her scalp. He squeezed her head feeling it move up and down his cock. She took it out of her mouth and held it, she licked her tongue up and down his cock, circling his knob.

” Like your sister sucking your cock. ” She said looking up at her brother.

” Fuck yes sis, cant wait to fuck you. ” He said.

He stood back and reached into his bag on the table. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs and walked behind her kneeling down grabbing her wrists. He cuffed each wrist and stood up.

He stepped in front of her lifting her chin with his finger. He grabbed his cock and circled her lips with his knob trailing his precum over her lips. He moved it over her nose and eyes up to her forehead. He stood back and slapped it on her cheeks. He slapped it across each of his sisters cheeks, he loved that his sisters husband was filming the whole thing.

” Like that bitch. ” He said.

” Yes brother. ” She said as he pushed his cock in her open mouth. He grabbed her hair bunching it in his hands pulling her head towards his groin as he thrusted her mouth.

She moaned as he face fucked her, he deepthroated her holding her head still as she gagged and gasped for breath. He pulled it out and continued rubbing his cock over her face. Pushing it in her open mouth.

” Good sister, suck your brothers cock. ” He said holding her hair supporting his cock with her mouth ,her hands hand cuffed behind her back. ” You love that don’t you? ” Stu said.

” Ummmmm. ” She moaned his cock stuffed in her mouth looking up at him and her husband filming.

Stu moaned feeling himself build up. He took his cock out and started wanking it.

” Open up bitch. ” He said to his sister. She opened wide her brothers knob resting on her protruding tongue. ” You ready baby. ” Stu said. Adam positioned the camera focused on her mouth and frontal.

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” Yes yes fuck. ” He said as his cock exploded with cum. It shot into her mouth, over her face. It dripped off her chin to the floor. Cum over her nose, her eyes her hair. Stu pushed the oozing cum out dripping it in her open mouth. He pushed his cock in her cum filled mouth thrusting her throat feeling her swallow his semen.

” I like a swallower. ” He said.

” Ummmmm. ” She said licking her lips as Stu took his cock out and stepped back admiring his cum on her face.

” Stand up slut. ” Stu said. Carly stood and stood in front of him. Stu reached out caressing her bust over her bra. He slid his hand to her hip sliding it over the band on her g string. He gripped her arse cheek pulling her in to him. With his other hand he groped her breast squeezing it admiring his sisters cleavage.

” Your a little fuckin slut. ” He said looking at her. ” Turn around. ” He said. She turned her back to him he rubbed her arse cheeks and squeezed them. He them spanked one. The sound of the slap echoing around the room.

” Shit. ” She said as he put his hand on her neck.

” Bend over bitch. ” Stu said

She bent over and Stu opened her legs. He slid his hand over her g string between her legs rubbing his hand over her wet pussy over the lace fabric.

” Nice pussy ” Stu said. They were now unaware of Adam filming. They pretended her wasn’t there. He grabbed his cock and rubbed it against her arse. She felt it trailing over her buttocks leaving a wet trail of cum over her buttocks.

” Thanks. ” She said.

” He grabbed her buttock, he pulled her up and held her neck tight as he squeezed her arse cheek.

” Want to be fucked bitch? ” He said just loud enough for the camera.

” Yes Stu. ” She said.

” Want to be fucked by your brother bitch? ” He said.

” Yes Stu. ” She said again.

” Say it bitch, who do you want to fuck you? ”

” My brother, I want my brother to fuck me. ” She said.

” Good girl, you cum covered slut. ” Stu said.

He pulled her over to the couch and pushed her down. She fell onto the seat.

” Open your legs bitch. ” Stu ordered.

She sat legs open as Stu stood over her.

” Good girl. ” He said standing playing with his cock. He lifted his foot onto the couch. ” Sit up bitch. ” He ordered. She sat up and he again grabbed her hair and pulled her head towards his groin ramming his cock in her open mouth.

” Good girl, you like your brothers hard cock don’t you bitch. ” He said.

” Ummmm. ” She replied not been able to move her head as Stu slowly face fucked her.

” Time for stage two slut. ” He said pulling head back. He leant down kissing her lips. ” Ready for stage two bitch? ” He said

” Yes. ” She said.

” Good girl. ” He said.

He pulled her up and grabbed her long hair and moved her over to the chaise on the lounge chairs. She lay on it. Stu put reached for the sex position restraints.

He put the cushioned part behind her neck. He pulled the ankle cuff and lifted her leg he tied under her knee, then the other one. She lay legs up and open supported by the restraints behind her neck. He cuffed her wrists and clipped them to the clips on the neck harness.

Stu opened her legs wide seeing his sister restrained. Her wet labias against the lace fabric over her pussy. Her cleavage in her bra, her erect nipples visible through the fabric.

” Look at her ” Stu said.

Adam stopped filming and put the camera down. He stripped off, now both men naked.

He sat next to his wife and kissed knee. He slid his hand over her bosom then down to her pussy.

” Hows that bitch. ” He said.

” Lets leave her here for a while. ” Stu said.

Both men stood and went into the kitchen and opened a beer looking at Carly from the breakfast bar as they sipped their beer.

Thirty minutes later Adam picked up the camera and Stu went upstairs to the toilet.

He walked into the bedroom and opened his sisters lingerie drawer looking through. He opened her underwear and bras, he looked at her sexy corsets and stockings.

He picked up her used underwear and sniffed it smelling her scent.

” Oh sis. ” Stu said.

He knew soon he was going to be fucking his restrained sister while been filmed by her husband.

He picked up her lipstick as Adam walked in the room.

” Think shes ready. ” Adam said seeing his wife’s brother holding his wife’s used underwear.

” Cool. ” He said ” Fuck she smells good. ” Stu replied smiling at Adam as he sniffed her underwear.

Adam grabbed the underwear sniffing them as well ” She fuckin dose ” he said taking a big sniff.

” So I hope her pussy tastes as nice as it smells. ” Stu said.

” It dose, you know you will be the second man to fuck her. ” Adam said

” Yeh and the surprise we have for her will be the third. ” Stu said laughting. ” She knows there’s a special surprise later. Just doesn’t know what . ”

” Right Stu part two. Lets go and teach her what its like to have a good fucking ”

They headed downstairs to see her restrained and at their mercy.

Carly watched Stu with her underwear and her husband with the red lipstick in his hand.

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