The Witch 5 – New Sex Story

Sixteen year old Cindy was walking through the derelict factory that was hardly ever used, Cindy was a racist trouble maker that the Bengali community did not trust or liked. As she walked through the old factory Cindy saw the girl standing near the centre of the building, Cindy had never seen the girl before and thought that she looked weird stood in all black clothes with long black hair, Cindy looked the girl up and down and was about to say something when she saw sixteen year old Asif a Bengali boy who she hated more than other Bengali’s. Cindy switched her attention from the girl and started to shout racial abuse at him something that Asif was used to but did not like, Asif saw the girl who was dressed in black raise her arms out straight and point them in Cindy’s direction. Suddenly Cindy went quiet mid sentence and stood looking at Asif, as Cindy stood looking at him Asif saw pokies appear in Cindy’s tee shirt, then to Asif’s surprise Cindy raised her tee shirt up over her head and off, Asif looked at Cindy in surprise looking at her naked boobs that had erect nipples then watched in awe and disbelieve as Cindy stripped out of the rest of her clothes and stood naked giving Asif a clear view of her love tube, Cindy started to walk towards Asif who was wondering if Cindy was hatching a devious plot to do him some serious harm or kill, but when Cindy was right level with Asif she reached down and rubbed his crutch and said ” do you want to fuck me ” then started to undo his trousers, Asif just stood there and let Cindy undo his trousers and release his eight inch erection then start to stroke it, and when Cindy lay on the floor and parted her legs saying ” come on fuck me ” as she did Asif threw caution to the wind and knelt between Cindy’s parted legs and slid his erect dick into Cindy’s love tube and started to thrust in and out making Cindy groan as he did, after five minutes Asif felt Cindy cum but carried on thrusting away then after a few minutes was squirting his cum up Cindy’s body, after removing his dick from Cindy’s love tube Asif stood up and saw his brother who was two years younger that he was watching, Cindy smiled at Asif and said ” come on then fuck me if you want ” and after a few minutes Asif’s brother was sliding his dick into Cindy’s love tube, Asif saw other Bengali boys from the town turn up at the old factory but could not see the girl anywhere at all, Tracy’s boyfriend Danny who had been walking towards factory to meet Cindy saw the girl looking at him and was about to say some thing when he started to feel light headed, the four Bengali girls who were all four years younger than what Danny was were hiding trying to avoid Danny because they knew that he was worse than what Cindy was, they saw Danny start to undress and after a few minutes were looking in awe at the naked Danny looking in awe at his muscular body and seven inch dick that hung down in front of him and when it started to grow one of the watching girls said ” look he is getting a hard on ” the others told her to shut up and watch, after a minute the girls were looking at a naked Danny who now had a nine inch erection, Danny walked towards the girls his dick bobbing about as he walked when he got to the girls he said ” come on who wants to wank me off ” Anjana did not hesitate and quickly scrambled from her hiding place went to Danny got old of his dick and started to jerk it, when the other three girls left their hiding place and joined their friend Danny said ” don’t worry their is plenty of cock and spunk for all of you, then after a few minutes Steve squirted his cum in four spurts causing the girls to squeal in delight. Cindy was know keeling on her hands and knee’s suck the dick of one Bengali boy while another thrust in and out of her bum, the twenty Bengali boys stood watching could hardly contain themselves as they watched the racist thug girl willingly let Bengali boys use her body as they wanted, The four Bengali girls were all smiling after each had jerked Danny and made him cum. Well into the night there were Bengali boys and girls at the old factory watching as a naked Danny thrust in and out of a naked Cindy’s love tube, bum or mouth with the Bengali boys having their way with the naked Cindy when Danny left her and girls having fun with Danny. Cindy’s sister Tracy who was four years younger that Cindy was talking to the Tracy pulled Tom’s trousers down and started to suck his dick he became very relaxed and when he squirted his cum into Tracy’s mouth she swallowed it, as Tracy walked away after wiping her mouth Tom thought that is the first time I had a hard on in two years, Tom was about to go home when he saw Tracy and her best mate Helen who was the same age a Tracy and gave him lip both girls were naked, when they got to Tom he admired their developing boobs and their smooth love tubes, when Tracy said ” come on you can fuck us ” and lay on the ground and parted her legs, Tom thought it is Christmas but was soon thrusting in and out of Tracy’s love tube while Helen lay beside her with her legs open saying ” come on hurry up fuck me as well, A few days later the four youngsters were in Cindy’s house watching telly when a news alert came on telling people to be on the look out for a dangerous girl who had escaped from a mental health hospital the girl thought she was a with and wanted to put the world right a picture of a girl with black hair dressed all in black appeared on the telly screens. Tom was watching the report on his telly as were lots of Bengali youngsters who were all thinking she is a witch and is welcome to come and visit us any time that she wants to. Later Cindy was laying naked watching as Tom took his clothes off.

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