Thirsty For Snakes Love – 11

The continuous ringing of the phone was irritating me, I wanted to sleep the whole day but the phone kept on ringing, I pushed the maid to get up and pick the phone but she too was very tired, some fucker was continuously ringing the phone so I pinched the maid on her nipple, she shouted in pain as her nipples were swollen from sucking last night, she abused me pinched my nipple too it hurt a lot, she then got up then abused the caller, it was the taxi driver since we had given a false reason of death in the family so he was calling, I told maid to tell him that we will call later, we both again went to sleep.
Again that dream of lots of snakes on my body, playing with my body and one of them talking Riya darling I want to fuck you then sucking my nipples and fucking me with its tail, one snake going head in, scorpions on my belly, rats licking my vagina and my love and honey were also there licking my lips then licking my nipples and fucking my ass, suddenly I got up and called the driver to come in two hours.
Both of us were so tired that after many calls from driver that he us standing outside the house we picked our bags and sat in the taxi and again went to sleep, when I woke the sun had gone down and we both were covered by a white sheet, I was completely nude and saw my maid was also full nude so thought did the driver fuck us, I asked the driver did you fuck me, he said madam you had come out of your house naked, all the public was watching you and following the taxi so I had to cover you and madam don’t you remember me I have fucked you four times before, I said you are lucky and again went to sleep.
I woke, when the maid was shaking me, I said let me sleep but she said she was very hungry and wanted to pee very badly, hearing her I felt the same, I asked the driver to stop the taxi he said its jungle and risky just hold for half an hour we will reach the city, I said who cares, he stopped, it was full dark we got down naked, peed and sat on the warm grass, the driver was scared and requested to came back in the car, we said wait let us rest and let us stretch our legs a bit,
Mam you can be raped here, the driver said, I said we don’t care but he said mam you both are habitual but what if they fuck me also, we both laughed and sat in the car, again the taxi started, we wore clothes and asked him to stop at some place to eat.
Next sixteen hours went eating and talking, he told me about all the four times he had fucked me, I remembered all the times but who remembers faces but when he asked me do you remember me fucking I said yes, you were one of the best I had, he was very happy.
He told he liked the way I sucked his penis and drank cum while his wife never sucks says its dirty and once he cummed in her mouth she vomited so he divorced her and was now looking for someone like me, I was feeling proud that people remember and recognise me but I don’t remember them, I whispered to maid I am a good person I give and forget, we both laughed when she said I also give and forget but take some money.
When her village was only 5 km left we left the car, the driver gave a very good proposal to both of us having sex with all the taxi drivers of the area, maid immediately said yes and asked 100/- per person but I refused as gang bang by men I could get when I wanted but I was here for snakes and I did not want to waste even a minute, so it was decided maid would stay with me for two days in village then full day fuck with drivers and then the taxi driver would leave her back to city without any charge.
As we were leaving the taxi driver requested can I do you once, I smiled and said I promise when I come back from village I will give you a full day fuck free of charge and will suck your penis for two hours just leave me back home.
Then we booked a room in a small hotel where we took bath, rested a few hours as wanted to go fresh and full of energy in the village.
Next day we went to the village which was in the jungle as we were about to reach the village the maid told me again every do’s and don’ts of the village, I had worn my white saree with white sleeveless blouse to look like a widow but underneath I was a whore, did not wear bra and panty.
The village was small with twelve huts, a well in between, kids playing with snakes and scorpions, snakes roaming freely as pets, my body was shivering seeing so many snakes, I held the hand of the maid, she knew how I was feeling, she told me not to worry they don’t bite and are not venomous, she met everybody and introduced me to everybody, as we were going from one hut to another I was feeling dizzy and wanted to run back from there thinking when god has made penises then why try these dangerous snakes but on the other hand saw small kids playing with big snakes felt ashamed of myself, why was I afraid.
The women were wearing less clothes just a blouse and dhoti and the way they sat could see their big black disgusting holes, a women was taking bath nude in the open, a snake came she picked the snake and put it around her neck and kept on bathing, seeing all this I was encouraged that I would do what I had come for but terror had yet to come.
At night I was given a cottage alone, maid was sleeping or getting fucked by her husband, I was sleeping on a cot on the ground, full night those noises, those creepy things passing by my body, I was taking my breath very slowly so that no animal hears my breathing voice, it was the worst night of my life, thank god there was dawn, I came out and sat on a big bolder of rock, then went to maids hut, peeped inside she was sleeping nude on her nude husband, did not feel like waking her.
In an hour whole village was up, my nightmare was still not over, when went in jungle to poop oh my god sitting on grass then washing with water it was like in hell, whole day passed just trying to overcome fear.
Next day maid went away, it took ten days to get fear away from mind of snakes and scorpions, at night now I was sleeping naked and peacefully, no fear of sounds, snakes, scorpions, rats roaming on my body, I had overcome fear of animals, it was joy when a snake would come on thigh then pass my vagina to stomach to breasts and then go away, whole night would pass this way, I was an iron lady now ready to take the animals inside.
Now it was time to go deep in the jungle to the bosses cottage, I was here to meet him only, when I had told my maid about snakes dream then she told me about the boss, she was so excited to tell about him, she had slept with him, he had a 16 inch cock, he started fucking at 9 in night and when he cummed it was 6 in the morning, ordinary men cum 5 or 6 grams in weight but he cummed around 100 grams and was very very tasty still not tasted anything like that again, he had fucked all my holes so beautifully, he sleeps with a women only once, no women has ever been able to take his penis in her mouth, it is very very big if you want to see and check my front and back hole are now one, he can talk to all animals and they obey him, if he orders a snake to go in the girls vagina it goes in and comes out when he orders, in his hut all animals can fuck humans, if a girl once goes to his hut then comes back after twenty days.
Maid had tears in her eyes and said I could give anything to sleep with him once more, all the women who have slept with him cry thinking about him that they could get another fuck from him, women who have tried again have come back with one hand or one leg less, they were attacked by animals, new women come back safely.
Maid had told me the way so I started at six in the morning, it was a full day walk to the hut but I lost my way, did not know to go left or right so waited if someone could come and guide me, nearly half an hour had passed then felt something near my leg it was a big snake it was looking at me as if saying follow me, I followed the snake to the hut, it was a small hut which had different style of furniture made of bamboo and grass, maid had already told me about the hut as I entered the hut the guiding snake vanished, there were fruit to eat, water to drink, after finishing my food waited for some time then took my clothes off as told by maid and went to sleep.
I immediately went to sleep, an hour later I opened my eyes there was light, in the corner there was a man standing nude he was only 4 feet tall, small eyes, big hairy chest and a big long penis more then double the size of penis of a ordinary man, he said I know why have you come here you want snakes but I will let you enjoy many more animals, he said lie down, stretch your legs and close your eyes, different types of animals will come and touch you, the animal which excites you just say yes and I will later arrange a fuck from that animal.
I did as he said, I waited with my legs open, felt small ants like insects just roaming in my pussy it did bring water in my pussy but feeling was creepy so I said no please bigger things, then I felt some mouse like creature touching and licking my pussy, again I said no something bigger please then I felt a cat like creature instantly I said no why don’t you understand I like bigger things, have patience Riya, how did he know my name, before I could ask he said I know everything that happens in this world, next was a pig size made me a little horny I said yes as it will be a new experience then something like a deer, I said yes then felt like a fierce tiger or something else but why miss a fuck from a tiger or lion I said yes, then heard the voice bend over I immediately bent, now felt like a donkeys penis had to say yes then horse may be my answer was yes then felt as if an elephant did not know what to say as can I take an elephants penis inside, why not I said to myself and said yes.
Suddenly felt as someone had said in my ears get up, I got up it was dawn, sun had just started to come up, was that a dream last night, did necessary things and started my journey nude as told by my maid, had gone a few steps saw that snake again and started following him again. I reached my dream destination in evening fully exhausted, tired and hungry but could not see the boss, I went inside food and water was there, ate and immediately went to sleep.
Rest part coming soon… Riya

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