Together – New Sex Story

The court room was packed, sixteen year old Dawn was sat in the public gallery watching as her boy friend Steve stood in the dock waiting to be sentenced, both Dawn and Steve were violent racists thugs who were well feared, they had both been charged after an Asian woman had been badly beaten up, they had both pleaded not guilty and stood trial, Dawn had been found not guilty at the trial but Steve had been found guilty and was now being sentenced, the court room was very quiet as the judge delivered his final speech but when he sentenced Steve to three years in prison there was loud cheering from the spectators, Dawn had been expecting Steve to be sent to prison and left the court as quickly as she could and headed back to the flat she had shared with Steve, the flat was owned by Steve’s dad so Dawn knew she would be able to continue living there. Dawn arrived at the flat where Steve’s twin bother Mark and Amy were waiting, the pair were twins and were two years younger than what Steve was, after telling the twins how long Steve had been sentenced to in prison then said to them ” we need to stick together and support each other ” the twins agreed and when Dawn phoned their dad and told him what Steve had got he asked Dawn if she would look after the twins for a few days while he and his wife were away on business Dawn readily agreed saying ” no problem ” later Dawn was in the kitchen when Mark asked her what the sleeping arrangements would be as there was only two bedrooms, after telling him he could have the spare room and Amy would be with her, Mark said ” trust her to get the best deal ” Dawn said ” I said we need to stick together and we will ” Mark smiled and rubbed Dawns bum saying ” how close ” Dawn replied saying ” close ” smiling as she did, Mark grinned said ” yeah ” reached round and gropped Dawn’s boobs, after Dawn did not reject his move or say anything Mark lowered his hands and slid them up the inside of Dawns jumper and said ” cool ” when he found her bare boobs and started rubbing them, Dawn stood still letting Mark play with her naked boobs after a minute Dawn said said ” happy now you have felt what you been trying to see for ages ” Mark took his hands out of Dawns jumper saying what, Dawn laughed and said ” I seen you trying to look at my tits for ages ” Mark stood back and to his surprise Dawn raised her jumper exposing her naked boobs saying ” now you can see them ” Mark stood looking at Dawns boobs and said ” very nice ” Dawn lowered her jumper and went to her bedroom, later that night Amy was in the bedroom when Dawn walked in and after a couple of minutes took her jumper off, Amy was bi sexual and when she saw Dawns naked boobs her eyes went wide, Dawn then removed her jeans and panties, Amy looked at Dawns naked body admiring her love tube and boobs and when Dawn got into the bed still naked Amy thought oh cool I have to sleep in the same bed as my brothers naked girlfriend I might get a feel of her, Amy said ” I have not got any night clothes is it ok to sleep naked ” after Dawn said ” no problems ” Amy stripped and once naked got in the bed. Dawn said ” I see your nipples are erect ” Amy said ” you should not be looking ” Dawn sat up as she did Amy saw that her nipples were very erect and said ” fuck your nipples are erect as well ” when Dawn slid her hands between Amy’s legs saying are you wet Amy could hardly believe what Dawn was doing and when Dawn started to rub her love tube Amy thought cool, Dawn stopped rubbing Amy’s love tube and gently squeezed her nipples saying bad girl then lay back on the bed, Amy sat up and sat astride Dawns leg saying ” are yo wet ” as she rubbed Dawn’s love tube with one hand while rubbing her boobs with the other, Dawn reached up cupped Amy’s boobs in her hand and started to massage them saying ” your a dirty cow as she did ” Amy smiled saying ” says the girl rubbing my tits ” then pushed Dawns hands away bent forward and started to lick and suck Dawns erect nipples, after a few minutes Dawn pushed Amy off her then rolled over put her head between Amy’s legs and started to lick her love tube then after five minutes pushed her tongue right inside as she did Amy moaned loudly, Dawn wriggled her tongue around as Amy lay groaning then after another five minutes Amy gushed as she did she cried out yes oh yes, after a few minutes Dawn lay back onto the bed and said ” dirty cow I got to go wash my face now ” Amy smiled and said ” that will teach you to go near my cunt with your tongue ” as she left the room Dawn said ” no it will not ” and walked naked to the bath room, after washing her face Dawn walked to the spare room as she walked in Mark sat up straight looked at the naked Dawn and said ” fucking hell you look better naked ” Dawn grabbed Mark/’s duvet cover and pulled it clear of him revealing his naked body, Dawn looked at Mark’s seven inch erection and smiled then lay on the bed beside him, Mark started to lick Dawn’s nipples as soon as she was on the bed then after a few minutes stopped, he knelt between Dawn’s parted legs and after a few minutes was sliding his dick into Dawn’s love tube pushing it in as deep as he could once he was right in Mark started to thrust in and out and could soon hear Dawn groaning, Mark thrust away as deep and hard as he could and after five minutes felt Dawn cum and five minutes later felt her cum a second time and not long after removed his dick from Dawns love tube and squirted his cum over her body, not long after Dawn went back to the bath room and after washing went back to her own bed where Amy was asleep. In the morning Dawn was naked in the kitchen when Amy walked in with a towel wrapped round her body, Dawn pulled the towel free leaving Amy naked just as Mark walked in like Amy Mark was wearing a towel which Dawn pulled free from his body leaving him naked with a full erection, Amy said ” oh look he has got a hard on ” Dawn said ” well open your legs and let him fuck you ” when Amy said ” what ” Dawn said ” I know you two fuck there is not much I do not know ” Mark walked over to Amy and started to rub her love tube while sucking her nipples at the same time, after a short time Dawn stopped him then picked Amy up and lay her on the table with her legs hanging over the edge, Mark walked forward and slid his throbbing dick up his sisters love tube and while he thrust in and out Dawn sucked Amy’s very erect nipples ten minutes later Amy cried out in deep pleasure as she climaxed. Half a hour later the twins were leaving for school, on route to school Mark said ” it will be fun staying there ” Amy replied yeah it sure will be ” A few days later the twins dad phoned Dawn telling her for some reason Mark and Amy had enjoyed staying at the flat and wanted to live there, Dawn said ” that is no problem they can stay. After hanging up Dawn thought this is great two sex mad kids with lots of friends enjoy your stay in prison Steve because I will certainly enjoy the time that you are going to be away from home just do not go and get an early release and spoil all the fun what ever you do, she then started to look through her photo Album finding a photo of a naked Steve with a nine inch erection and thought Amy will love seeing this and smiled.


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