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My name is Arun and I am the part of a trucking group. Me and my boss George organized lot of trucking activities in Mudumalai forest. Lot of boys and girls, married men and women attended the trucking. We strictly don’t allow kids. I am very familiar with the forest as I was born and brought up there. Even my Boss doesn’t have much knowledge like me. Since he is good in marketing he is my boss. Ok coming to the story. I am good looking guy with 5. 10 Height and athletic body. Any girls will become friend to me if I try.
It was one such time where 7 girls and 4 boys attended the trucking. I was very happy that time as more girls are there than boys. These girls were from Chennai. All are very descent and high profile girls. They looked stunning and gorgeous. So I was talking with them and had a good time.
One of the girl names is Priya. She looked very mature to her age and her age was around 25. She is 5. 5. She is a chubby girl and have good assets and additionally had whitish color. She wore white T shirt and black tracks. It was so tight with her bumps shape was clearly visible. Her Boobs are also not normal size. Her face is also beautiful The T-shirt was very tight and the boobs looked like it may burst anytime soon. I got my cock very hard after seeing it. She became close to me as she was laughing to my jokes. She asked me help many times while climbing. Sometimes I hold her hands while climbing that time unknowingly my hands touched her thighs but she never mind. Since other girls maintained distance from me she was exception.
Our team was lead by my boss George. He was in front showing paths to truckers and all 4 boys were with him but remaining girls were walking in last and I was guiding them. I was happy watching all the girls’ ass. Sometimes I helped them by holding their hands for climbing and jumping in some places.
Since it was September month there was heavy rain in forest. The forest became very thick and fresh. The floors are wet. So we walked slowly. After 2 hours of trucking we went to a flat surface. So we decided to take rest and eat for some time. Since it was a one day camp we had enough food on our backpack. We had enough water and all emergency requirements like gps, medical kit, tents, etc…
After having our food we thought of starting from there. But some girls went to finish their nature work so it became late. Suddenly we heard a shouting of a elephant. We didn’t expect and all were shocked. So I ordered all the truckers to gather in a same place to hide us from elephant. But all of sudden it appeared in front of us. It was one elephant but it is dangerous. Before it saw us my boss shouted run randomly so most of us can escape. If we run in group it will leads to congestion and we became easy catch for elephant. So running in different direction can confuse elephant and we can save us. Its tough choice but correct option in that situation.
Since me and Priya were last I held her hands and ran into dense forest. There was no path so I used knife to cut some plants to make the way. She was tensed because she never saw elephant that much close. She got of lot of sweating and her boobs were jumping like mangoes falling from tree. I saw lot of such situation like this and I know how to survive in the forest. We both ran for more than 30 mins as elephant was following us. Priya was very much scared.
To escape from elephant we decided to jump from a small rock. So I took a long rope and tied it in a tree. I can easily go down but Priya cant. So I tied the other end of rope to her. That time I touched her back and stomach. As we were in dangerous situation she didn’t tell anything. For her I was looking like a savior and hero. Unfortunately she missed her backpack while running. But it was fortunate for me. I asked her to turn towards tree and I literally hugged her from back to easily climb down the rock. My cock was touching her wonderful ass. My hands were hugging her waist. I told in her ears don’t get tense I am here to save you. You just need to make one step at a time. For safety I also tied rope with Priya. Initially she hesitated a bit after my words she started stepping back. While climbing down she put entire weight on me. She didn’t give work to her legs. So it was heavy to me. But I enjoyed it fully.
It was first time for my cock touching a girls ass. So it became very hard and I got heavenly feeling. So I forgot all the morals and tried to touch my hands on her boobs. During one step she lost her control and I grabbed the chance by grabbing her boobs. She shouted ouch. So I told sorry. But she told its ok Arun. No problem. Since said no issues I kept half of my hand on her boobs. For her escaping from elephant was more important than her assets being touched by me. During that time my cock exactly reached her ass crack. It was a nice experience. I was scared that I may release my juice anytime. But I controlled it to enjoy the climbing session fully. Took advantage of the situation I placed my lips on her ears for saying some thing. But she turned her face so I accidentally kissed on her cheeks. I thought she was also enjoying the ride. But I was bit scared like what if she slap me for crossing limits. So I concentrated on climbing down. It was a five minute ride but a unforgettable moment of my life. What to from head to toe I was touching a girl. My head touched her hairs, my shoulders touched her shoulders, my hands touched her hands, breast and waist, my chest touched her back, my stomach touched her hips, my cock touched her ass cheeks, my thighs touched thighs. I was in cloud nine.
So I forgot when we reached the ground. I came to world when her honey voice said “Arun can you please remove the rope. After realizing the situation I quickly removed the rope and asked her she is alright. She said I am fine and said thanks for saving her. Actually I should say thanks for showing me heaven. She asked me are we safe from elephant and I told don’t worry we are saved as elephant wont jump. We still heard the elephants noise thank god we jumped the mountain quickly otherwise we would be dead. Thank god it didn’t disturb that 5 mins. Meanwhile I caught Priya red handed when she was glaring at my cock for a moment. It was very hard and it was clearly visible as I was wearing a night tracks. I was bit embarrassed.
It was a valley and a big down place. We saw a river was flowing there. So i decided to take a bath.. It was a flat region and I decided it is the nice place to take rest. Because of long time running and climbing I was very much tired. That too I beard the entire weight of Priya. My cock was already leaking juices. So I thought to give rest to it by masturbating. But my brain told me the game Is not yet over so we can wait a bit. So I patted my cock and told wait for sometime bro. I walked near the river side and saw water was flowing slowly. I remembered I took bath in this river during my childhood. But it is on above the hill. This place is completely new for me. I knew this place already but didn’t come here. So I removed my backpack and shoes and sat on a rock.
Priya came near me and told. Wow nice place Arun. She was bit relieved from scare after seeing the river. I saw the watch it was already 4’O clock. She asked me shall we take a bath here. I replied “we” and smiled. But she didn’t noticed me that time.
Me : where is your backpack Priya?
She : Oh god I missed it somewhere.
Me : It is very essential in forest. They are life saving kits.
She : oh I am sorry Arun please help me.
Me : don’t worry I will inform my boss about our location.
Then I searched for my satellite phone in my pockets. But it was missing and then I realized I gave it to one girl while eating. After elephant came we all lost our sense and ran away.
Me : Priya I made a terrible mistake I missed the satellite phone while eating. So it is very hard to communicate our location to my boss.
She : OMG what shall we do now?
Me : Since it is already 3 and we all are tired of running we cant go to town today. We need to stay somewhere here and then we may go tomorrow morning
She was like crying. I consoled her still situation is not out of control. I have my backpack and lot of things to eat. We may search for some safe place and then form a tent.
She started crying. I want to go home.
Me : I know that Priya since elephant chased us I don’t have any other option than jumping to this place.
If we didn’t come down we would be died this time. So All is well.
If you believe me we may stay here and go home tomorrow. It is a raining season and forest will became very dark early. So if we go back we will get lost in deep forest.
I consoled her by wiping her tears and gave her fruit juice. She drank it and stopped crying.
Then she went near water and stepped her foot on water.
Me : what are you doing? Do you have extra dress for changing?
She : No everything is in backpack and I missed it
Me : oh bad if you get bath you will be drenched and will became wet. It will be very cold here in nights. So not good for you. We have to keep us warm
She : oh please what shall I do now?
Me : you have to remove your dress and have bath.
She : what!!!!!! She was shocked and told no way. I want to take bath badly since I never saw a place like this. After saying this she walked towards water before I stopped
She walked fastly and fell on water because the place was wet. She managed to get up but she became fully wet. She asked me will you join me
I was waiting for this moment and jumped in water. I quickly hold her hands so that she may wont fall again.
She was enjoying the place and splashed the water on my face. She forget her age and became a kid. I saw her tight white color Tshirt became transparent on right time. I could see her pink bra. During the time she fell in me many times I caught her hips but I didn’t cross the limit to show my credibility. But she kept on falling me and hugging my hips. So I lost my control I took her on hands. My cock became hard once again. But she unknowingly touched it many times. At one point she stepped on a place where water level is high. I immediately caught her and grabbed her ass and lifted high. That time her soft silky boobs fallen on my face. She too hold my face tightly on fear and my face was literally in between her boobs with my hands touching her ass. Then I lifted her to shore and I was still hugging.
She quickly realized the situation and freed herself by removing my hand. I told I am sorry. For saving you I did like that. She quickly said its ok. No problem. She asked for the towel and I took it from my bag and gave it to her. She wiped her head and saw my hard cock in between. I realized it and took my shirt out and hidden the crotch.
I too wiped my head and hands with same towel. I was enjoying each and every moment.
She told me its very cold here. I told her I already warned you right. I have one alternative track so I cant give. I gave her towel once again so she can wipe.
Me : Priya its evening and before sunset we should find a place to spend the night.
She : ok we may move fast.
After 30 minutes of searching we found a small cave. But it was bit high from the ground. I can easily climb but Priya will find her hard time. But I cant go life her without her request. So first I kept hands on rock and climbed up using my arms. Once I reached I kept my bag. And then I asked Priya to come like same way.
She was laughing how can I come there ya?
I apologized and jumped and grabbed her ass and lifted. This time her boobs touched my face first and then she climber using hands. Once she went high her pussy touched my face. I kissed it silently. I saw she was hanging and cant help her go to cave.
So I grabbed her ass and lifted her once again this time she reached the top. Within a minute I touched all her assets.
Once I reached there I told her to turn away so that I can change my dress as it was wet. She turned away I removed all my dresses including inners and quickly wore new set of dresses. But I have no alternative inner wear. So I wore only tshirt and shorts. She then turned and saw me.
She : “Its nice you are well prepared but I am wet.”
Me : oh sorry I forgot about you. I have one more trucks with me and handed it to her.
She : thank you. Can you please turn away
Me : sure
She quickly removed her pant, bra and inner and replaced it with my trucks. I was very tight for her. All her parts like ass, thighs and pussy hole were clearly visible.
I got my hard back after seeing this. My shorts clearly shown it and it was visible.
Staying in a cave with a girl that too without inners and she was gazing at my cock frequently and I watching her boobs and ass clearly. Its nothing but heaven
Than we sat and talked about her life. She told me she was married to a guy but he went to foreign befor 3 years. She also told she is working in a company with decent salary. I asked about kids but she told no.
Then I told I am single and ready to mingle. She laughed and told all single people are like that. Then she told
“Arun I am hungry”. Then I handed over the snacks and fruits. I too had and our tummy became full but our bag became empty.
We don’t have anymore food. I told her before we sleep we have to dry our clothes so that we can easily wear tomorrow. So we dried our clothes. Priya dried her pink panties
She asked me do you have any shirt. I told her no but you may use my towel if it is wet. She told its fine. The cave is very small we can sit sophisticatedly but two person can sleep like that.
She told I am sleepy because of tiredness. I gave her a big bed sheet and sat near to exit of tent.
She called me and told you too have enough space. Come and sleep I won’t mind.
After showing some hesitation and I went and slept near her.
It was very cold and she nicely covered her body but I was shivering.
After seeing my situation she offered me bed sheet.
I quickly told no. But she told you are the only one who is going to save me. So nothing is important than your life.

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Come and share this bed sheet. I was rock hard as girl was calling you to share her bed and bedsheet without innerwear and transparent tshirt.
I was delighted and tensed at same time. At one point there was severe cold and on other hand there is a hot girl. Which one a man can choose?
Yes I went near and slept with her. She gave bedsheet. It was so dark and cold.
Even after we used bedsheet the coldness didn’t decreased. As Clock crossed 8 the situation in forest have no signs of positive weather.
Suddenly I saw Priya was shivering because her shirt was wet. I touched her hands and rubbed it softly. Still it is not enough. I told your t-shirt is the main problem. She said should I remove it too. You may cover your upper body with the towel. She quickly accepted as she can’t bear chillness. She removed her t-shirt fastly and took towel. This time she didn’t told me to look outside. She thought I couldn’t see anything in darkness. But fool moon and stars‘s light fallen on our cave and it shown me the two melons of Priya. Her whitish color boobs were shining. I was uncontrollable and I badly need to touch and press it. But Priya covered her boobs with towel and came and slept next to me. Since I was wearing a small shorts I too got shivering. She noticed it and saw my bare legs. This is the problem Arun you should wear something to cover your legs. She became close with me and now she is speaking frankly.
I don’t know how much time we talked, we dozed of easily because of tiredness. But the cold climate didn’t allow us to sleep fully. I realized Priya came close to me in sleep and her hand was on my chest. I wake up and decided to fuck her at any cost. So I too moved a bit and kept my arms near her boobs. She too moved a bit towards me unconsciously. Wow what a feel my arms was touched by her spongy boobs.
To my luck Priya’s towel was removed unknowingly. So her bare and naked breast was pressed against my arms. I took courage and placed my hand on her boobs. It was soft and juicy. There was no response from her. So I started pressing her breast slowly. All of sudden she took her legs and placed on my thighs. I was rock hard. I wore a small trouser and my thighs are visible. After Priya’s activity I decided to take upper hand and placed it on her thighs.
Her thighs was soft and I pressed it hardly. Since we don’t have pillow I kept my head on bag. Priya too need something for head. She came close to me and kept her face on my arms and chest.
I don’t have any words to explain my pleasure.
A beautiful girl who is half naked is sleeping next to me her face on my chest and her boobs on my arms. And her thighs on my thighs. It was very cold outside but the heat generated by us was enough to save us. Before I thought of exploring her body I felt her hand was placed near my cock.
From the beginning Priya was leading the game. I just co operated with her. I decided to hug her. So turned my body towards her. This time my lips touched her cheeks. I kept my one hands on her boobs and kept other hand on her ass. Wow her ass is so soft and I pressed it like balloon.
Suddenly Priya wake up and asked Arun what are you doing? She covered her boobs with her hands. But her face was very calm and didn’t shown any tension. Her lips was also shown a minute smile. Her words was very thin and soft. I know she enjoyed the game but is making a scene like she is innocent.
I was embraced by this situation and I was in mood of sex. So I openly proposed her. “Priya I am so sorry I badly need to fuck you. I can’t control anymore. Priya was shocked but internally she was enjoying the situation. So I grabbed her hand and pulled towards me.
She told “no”. But I didn’t listen. She is on floor and then I stood and fall on her. Priya didn’t shown any resistance I took Priya’s lips and kissed it patiently. Initially she didn’t respond but later she inserted her tounge on my mouth. I started kissing vigorously after her signal. We kissed for 5 mins and the I kept my lips on her boobs. I started licking and sucking. She enjoyed my work and she pressed my head hard towards her boobs. Meanwhile Priya hugged me tightly and she removed my shorts. I was in tshirt alone. She started removing my Tshirt too. I was sleeping next to Priya nakedly. Then I touched Priya’s pant. She understood and removed it. Then we both became naked. Then I hugged and kissed her once again with my cock touched her pussy hole. Since she didn’t have sex for last years with her husband she badly needs sex today. She got aroused after my cock touched her pussy. She started kissing my forehead fastly. Her pussy was wet and she released her pre cum. I kept my cock on pussy hole and pressed it softly. But it didn’t move inside as her pussy was tight. So I pressed it hardly and inserted half of my cock. She screamed loudly in pain. So I kissed her lips and started moving my hips slowly. She started shedding her tears because of pain and pleasure at same time. She started moaning and I started fucking.
What a day it was from morning. I saw Priya and then enjoyed her assets later became friend and then ran and did climbing with her, took bath with her, slept near to her and finally fucking her.
I was loving every bit of action. On other hand Priya was delighted by my care. I started fuck her hardly. Priya was screaming in pleasure. I was about to cum. So I grabbed her ass and increased my pace. Meanwhile Priya didn’t expect my force and started Cumming with utmost satisfaction. I too didn’t last long and started releasing my semen inside her pussy. It was a long release for almost 30 seconds. I didn’t moved a bit after finishing. Priya was hugging me tightly and kissed me with delightement. She shown her gratitude by kissing my entire face. I though I was delighted but in real Priya was enjoying more than me.
It was a nice moment as we both cummed in same moment. I released my weight on her and slept next to her. She didn’t stop cuddling me. I just responded to her activity. Then we automatically slept without realizing the situation. When we woke up its already 7’o clock morning. I woke up Priya and asked her to get up. She was feeling shy after seeing me naked. I too was embraced after seeing her nude.
Me : thanks for showing heaven yesterday
She : I am also so grateful to you.
Me : Did you enjoyed it
She : Please don’t ask anything I am embraced
Me : ok. Shall we take bath
She : plz wait I will wear my dress first.
Me : we are alone in forest. Nobody will come here. We may dip in water nakedly.
She said ok with hesitation and followed me.
The water was chill but we took bath by hugging, cuddling and kissing, etc…
I got hard once again. She touched my cock and told it needs treatment.
I decide to fuck her in water itself. I grabbed her ass and pulled towards me.
I forcefully hugged and kissed her. She too got aroused and with full force she too hugged me.
Then I kept my cock on her pussy hole and inserted inside with full force. She never expected this and shouted fuck you.
I started fucking her and it was different experience to have sex in water. We fucked hard for 10 mins and then I released my cum once again in her pussy. Then she climbed on my hips and kissed on m lips as thanking me.
Then I took her out of water. Then we both wiped each other with towel. Our dress was dry by now. We wore it and packed our things in bag. Then we started walking towards town.
At the same time my boss was searching for us whole night. He hired a helicopter and reached our place. We signaled our hand and my boss recognized me and Priya.
After reaching town Priya gave her number and told come to Chennai when I am free.
It was a tough good bye and we met many times after that incident.
But still I never forget that one full day with Priya.

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