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Sixteen year old Jane was walking through the gates of her school for the last time, in two days time Jane was moving to Australia with her family to live. Teachers at the school were sorry to see her go, Jane had been a very polite intelligent pupil one who had always been willing to help any other students who needed help, Jane took part in any school events that were going and never had a bad word to say about anybody, Jane’s friends were sorry that Jane was leaving and had wanted to hold a farewell party for her but Jane had said no to the party and that she wanted to leave with out a big fuss being made. Jane walked down the road and took a short cut through the derelict trading estate, Jane never normally took this route home and when Martin saw Jane walking through the derelict site he was very surprised in fact Martin was surprised that anybody was on the site very few people ever went though it because it was not stable, Martin was two years younger than what Jane was and a well know flasher who was not liked by many people, Martin was inside one of the buildings and saw Jane enter it, after a few minutes Jane walked out onto the level that Martin was on and he got a big surprise, Jane had her blouse and bra open with her ample boobs on full view, Martin could not believe his eyes but stared as Jane walked towards him Martin noticed that Jane’s nipples were very erect, Martin undid his trousers letting his six inch dick spring out, Jane walked right up to Martin who could not look away from Jane’s boobs and when she took his dick in her hand and started to stroke it Martin smiled then reached out and started rubbing Jane’s boobs, Jane stopped stroking Martin’s dick and to his surprise and Joy Jane knelt and started to suck Martin’s dick, Martin just stood enjoying having his dick sucked and after a few minutes when he squirted his cum into her mouth Jane swallowed it all then after standing up wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and walked away with out saying a word and doing her blouse up as she went. Later that night Jane was in her bedroom wearing just a gown when her neighbour Asif walked out into his garden, Asif was in the same class as Jane had been in at school and thought she was cute, as Asif sat on the swing in his garden he saw Jane come out of her house walk to the garden shed and go in it leaving the door open, Asif could clearly see Jane and when she opened her gown took it off and stood naked Asif almost fell off the swing, Asif sat staring at Jane Admiring her naked boobs and love tube, after a couple of minutes Jane called out ” are you going to sit there looking at me or are you going to come and fuck me ” Asif quickly got to his feet climbed over the adjoining fence and went in the shed undoing his jeans once inside Jane looked down at Asif’s thick eight inch erection and said to Asif ” at last now get the thing inside me and fuck me ” laying back in the sun lounger as she did, Asif did not hesitate and was soon sliding his dick into Jane’s love tube then started to thrust in and out as he did Jane was groaning with pleasure and after five minutes of Asif’s thrusting climaxed groaning loudly as she did, not long after Asif was squirting his cum over the floor, five minutes late Jane put her gown on and went back to her house, Asif walked back to his hardly believing what had just happened. The next day Jane’s parents were out all day, when Jane got up she went down to the kitchen naked when Paul the twelve year old paper boy arrived to deliver the paper he smiled broadly as he saw the naked Jane rubbing her love tube and stood watching as Jane masturbated, Paul watched as Jane gushed and when Jane waved at him then left the kitchen Paul thought she knew I was watching and walked away to finish his paper round, Jane went to her room and looked at her list of boys names thinking who is next. The following afternoon Jane was on the Australia bound plane thinking that’s what I call a leaving weekend, back in the town where she had been living there were quite a few boys who could hardly believe what Jane had done with them but was very glad she had.

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