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Pao was sat in her bedroom looking out the window and like she had many times before was wondering why the house she lived in and the house next door were so far away from the houses in the street, there were ten houses each side of the street then a long empty space and the two house facing down the street away from the others, she knew that in her home country of Bangladesh the houses were all crammed together and the village she came from there were only wood or mud huts, there were no brick built houses, as she looked out the window she saw Steve the boy who lived next door stagger into the garden Pao knew that at sixteen years of age Steve was four years older than what she was, Pao could see by the way he was staggering around the Steve was drunk, Pao looked at the clock and saw it was three in the morning, Pao then saw Steve’s girlfriend Karen and his best mate Martin enter the garden, Martin stopped by the gate while Karen walked up to Steve and started to snog him, Pao saw Karen slide her hand down the top of Steve’s joggers Pao saw the movement in the front of Steve’s joggers and guessed that Karen was playing with Steve’s dick, after a few minutes Karen pulled her hand out of Steve’s joggers the held the side and pulled them down, Pao smiled when she saw Steve’s seven inch dick appear and watched as Karen started to play with it, Pao knew that as the light in her bedroom was off she could not be seen from outside so felt safe so watched as Karen stroked her boyfriends dick after a few minutes Karen let go of Steve’s dick, Pao could hardly believe what she was now looking at, Steve’s dick was standing up fully erect at nine inches, the first white boys dick she had seen erect, when Karen started to jerk Steve’s dick again Pao watched in awe, Karen stroked Steve’s dick slowly to begin with then got faster after ten minuets Pao gasped when she saw Steve squirt four long spurts of cum followed by a couple of short spurts, Karen stopped stroking Steve’s dick and pulled his joggers up, after a few minutes Steve staggered towards the house and out of Pao’s sight, Pao saw Karen walking towards the gate, Pao saw Martin stood by the gate and was surprised to see that he had undone his jeans fully and his six inch dick was hanging down, Pao watched as Karen walked up to Martin and took his dick in her hand and started to play with it, after a few minutes Karen let go of Martin’s dick Pao saw that it was now erect sticking up at eight inches, Pao thought two white dicks in one night wait till I tell my friends, Pao saw Karen kneel down on the ground in front of Martin and took his erection in her mouth and started sucking, Pao was watching thinking this is better that the porn movies my brother has hidden under his bed and watched as Karen sucked on Martin’s dick, after five minutes Martin pulled his dick from Karen’s mouth stroked it a couple of times and squirted his cum in three spurts before pushing his dick back into Karen’s waiting mouth, after a couple of minutes Martin pulled his dick back out of Karen’s mouth and after putting it away the pair walked off unaware that Pao had watched them.

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