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Kathy was a sweet and tender young woman. Tall and slender with long curly red hair, her green eyes were to die for. I met her a couple years ago at the park not far from my home here in Dallas.

Kathy was only about 22 when I met her she was eight years younger than myself. We began talking and she made good comments about my tight chest and large arms One thing led to another and I asked her out to dinner for that evening.

Diner was great and the conversation was the same. After a couple drinks we left and she made the decision to go back to my place. It was n’t long before we were undressed and she was on her knees in front of me. She was taking my entire ten inches and gagging with every thrust.

When we made it to the bed she seemed to just take over. It blew my mind as such a tender young lady like herself could be so forceful during sex but I was enjoying every moment. She straddled my lap and I sunk in to her wet pussy. Her aroma was sweet the feel of her wetness was driving me crazy. She rode me like she was I the rodeo and reaching back making my swollen balls her bridle.

Her moans got louder my breathing was heavier till we both could not take any more and I shot my load deep inside her. Then the most surprising thing of all happened. She moved up to my face I stopped her dead in her tracks and she looked down at me.

“Did you like what I just gave you? Did I make you feel fucking awesome? If you want to ever feel like this again you fucking lick my pussy clean!”

With having a chance to even answer she lowered her self down forcing me to taste my own cum.

Two nights later she called begging me to come to house for the night. It was defiantly something I had to think about. I also knew that if I didn’t I would miss out on the best felling ever.

When I arrived she answered the door wearing nothing but a pair of black panties that barely covered her ass. She shut the door behind me and gave me a kiss then all at once she shoved me to the sofa. And sat down in front of me on the table.

“This is my fucking rules if you want my pussy or to even have the pleasure of getting off you will do as I say. Got it!”


“Yes what you fucking slut?”

“Yes mam.”

She led me to the bedroom and ordered me to strip. When I was completely naked she pointed to the bed. With me on my back and dick standing straight in the air I watched to see what she did next.

She pulled my hands above my head and tied them tight to the head board. The mu legs were pulled up over my head and ankles tied as well. She got between my legs I could not really see what she was doing. Then I felt her warm mouth suck in both my balls and then a slight sting as she slapped my ass.

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After my ass was a little red and my balls aching I felt a cool sensation run down the crack of my ass. She slide in a finger then two making me moan. It hurt to a point but yet felt good at the same time. Her fingers moved in and out and twisted back and forth inside my tight ass. All at once it stopped I tried my best to see what she was doing all I could see were shadows on the wall.

She returned to the bed sanding up between my legs I looked down past her waist and seen a thick and long black rubber cock. I begged her to do it she just smiled I even made threats she just smiled bigger.

She laid the large cock on my ass. Looking straight into my eyes she squeezed more lube on to it. Then the head was pointing down to my puckered ass. With one hand she guided it in the direction she needed in the other she slapped my ass.

I could feel the slight pressure as she pushing into me. Then it happened the head disappeared causing me to yell out curse words I have not heard of in years. She continued inserting it inch by inch till my ass was stretched and full. After a bit the pain became pleasure and she began fucking me like I was her bitch and she was a porn star.

She reached for mu cock and stroked it ordering my to open my mouth. Saying that she would not stop till I tasted my own load once again. She began pumping her hips harder and faster. Then in the best orgasm I had ever had spurt after spurt of my cum filed my mouth and covered my face.

When I was milked empty I felt a sensation I had never felt. Her toy was cumming in my ass by the cup full of sticky fake cum. When she was done I was ordered to eat her pussy and we both cleaned up and fell asleep. This went on for almost a year before she found her next new sub.

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