Vigilantes – New Sex Story

At one time the small English housing estate had been a very well kept estate with many people wanting to live there, but now after being open for a hundred years the estate was very well run down, rubbish was left in the streets the grass was not being cuts repairs were not being carried out, crime was very high, the estate was run by a youth street gang who was very violent, nobody wanted to live on the estate and many of those who did wanted to leave the estate but few could, the council were fed up with the street gang and had a meeting with parents many of who were also fed up with the gang and readily agreed to what ever measures were needed to regain the much needed control of the estate. A group of people were soon seen on the estate after the meeting and were known as vigilantes. Sixteen year old Steve was the gang leader and well feared as he walked along the communal landing of the flats where he lived Anjana who was four years younger than Steve was walking towards him when they were close Steve said ” get out the fucking way you paki bitch ” and pushed her, just after he did four muscle bound men appeared and grabbed Steve and was soon holding Steve in such a way that he could not move, when one of the men pulled Steve’s joggers down round his ankles Anjana’s eyes went wide, Steve was wearing no underwear and she could clearly see his seven inch dick and was thinking cool and when Steve’s best mate Martin who was also sixteen years old appeared and started shouting he found himself in the same position as Steve Anjana was looking at Martin’s five inch dick happy at seeing two white dicks, Anjana stood watching as the two thugs got their bare bums spanked by the men loving the way their dicks were swinging about, after the boys had been released Anjana went home telling her nine year old sister what she had seen and when her sister told her told her that she had seen a boys dick Anjana smiled, Later Anjana was in the estates play park when she saw four boys from the street gang getting their bum bums spanked Anjana loved the sight of their dicks, all over the estate boys and girls from the gang were getting their bare bums spanked while none gang members watched and enjoying the sight, Anjana’s twin brother Asif was watching eyes wide as Steve’s sixteen year old girlfriend Tracy was naked had her bare bum spanked. When Tracy told him to fuck off the men holding Tracy told Asif he could feel Tracy’s boobs, Asif did not hesitate and started rubbing Tracy’s ample boobs, Steve was also naked getting his bare bum spanked, Martin was walking home naked through the park which was deserted apart from Anjana, Martin stopped walking and stood a few feet from Anjana as stood looking at her his dick grew to a seven inch erection, Anjana looked at it in surprise and watched in awe as Martin started to jerk, after a few minutes Marti squirted his cum in five spurts, then calmly walked away, Anjana was in total surprise wondering if she was dreaming After a few days every member of the street gang had been see naked or semi naked having their bums spanked and were feeling humiliated and not so brave, Steve was starting to lose control of the gang with some members leaving the gang completely. Asif was alone in the house when sixteen year old Sara called to see him, Sara was one girl he had not seen being spanked but wish he had he thought that she was well cute, Sara stood on the door step and after looking Asif up and down said to him, ” Tracy told me that you were allowed to play with her tits if I let you play with mine will you tell people that I saved you from being beat up ” it took a minute for what Sara had said to register with Asif once it had he said ” only if your naked and I can play with your cunt as well ” after Sara thought she agreed and followed Asif into the lounge where she stripped naked and lay on the floor, Asif was soon rubbing Sara’s large boobs and love tube as she lay still, after a few minutes Asif stopped rubbing Sara’s boobs noticing her nipples were erect he could also hear her breathing was getting heavy and when he slid his fingers into Sara’s love tube he discovered that it was wet and started to work his fingers around just like he had seen done on porn films after five minutes Sara groaned as she climaxed, ten minutes later Sara was walking across the estate thinking fingered fucked by a boy four years younger than me but it was good, in the grounds of the school where it was dark Tracy had just made a deal with John the school peeping tom Mark who Tracy had beat up a couple of times and who who was two years younger than what she was and was now stood with her jeans down as John fingered her love tube making her cum twice before he stopped, all over town people who were not in the gang were getting sex favours after promising to say good things about the gang members, Anjana was sat looking at a naked Steve who she had made a deal with and watching in awe as his dick grew into a nine inch erection then she reached out took Steve’s dick in her hand and started to jerk him and when Steve squirted his cum in long spurts Anjana thought very nice while her nine year old sister who had been stood watching with her mouth wide open said ” wow ” after a week things were more quite on the estate, Tracy was sitting in the church yard when Mark walked in when Tracy pulled her skirt right up revealing her naked love tube Mark smiled and knelt and started to rub her love tube when Tracy said ” use your fucking cock ” Mark looked at her in disbelieve but when Tracy said ” come on fuck me ” Mark quickly undid his trousers letting his seven inch erection out and was soon sliding it in Tracy’s love tube, Sara was stood in the lane between the estate and the school groaning as Asif fingered her love tube, Anjana was looking at Martin’s erection and when he said ” I would rather fuck you than wank off ” Anjana smiled and lowered her jeans and when she felt Martins dick slide into her tight virgin love tube Anjana cried out, Martin started thrusting in and out of her love tube Anjana started to groan and after a few minutes climaxed. Steve was laying on his bed in his room watching sister June who was ten years younger than what he was stroked the dick of one of his mates and when June’s classmate July walked into the room Steve smiled and after five minutes was laying naked as July stroked his dick, after a month the estate had become a lot quieter there was no more trouble on the estate the gang had broken up completely nobody missed it and the young members of the estate were happy.


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