Wakeing The Zombies Part 1

Martin was a sixteen year old thug who lived in a small country town, he did not bother to go to school which pleased the students of the school that he should of attended, they felt safer with him not being in school, the tutours were not keen on him not being there either. Martin was a very violent thug, he was both homophobic and racist, He was feared by nearly everyone who lived in the small town where he lived, even the local police were scared of him and avoided him. Just over ten miles outside of the town where Martin lived was a plot of land that was owned by the government, it was the scrap yard for air force planes that were no longer in use, there had been six people who worked there taking the planes to bits but a year ago they stopped work at the site now there were just rusting plane shells, the security that had patrolled the site stopped patrolling the site, it appeared that the government had abandoned the site. Martin started to go to the site and strip the planes of anything that he could sell to the crap yards. It was late one afternoon when Martin turned up at the site and started to strip planes as he did he noticed that on the door of one of the old cargo planes was a skull and cross bones and the word danger, The door was locked shut Martin set about trying to force the door open and after trying for half a hour cheered when the door gave way, when Martin stepped inside the room to his slight horror he saw ten bodies that were slowly rotten away Martin backed out of the room then saw the bodies start to move after a few minutes the bodies had all risen to their feet and were slowly lurching to the door, Martin thought zombies picked up a wrench and hit one the zombies with the wrench before he could take another swing the remainder of the zombies had got to Martin and were clawing at him, outside the plane a group of girls were watching what was happening and could see that the zombies were ripping Martin’s clothes off him, the girls were all two years younger than Martin was and were all soon smiling when they saw a naked Martin trying to fight the zombies off, July said ” he has got a big cock ” as she watched the way Steve’s seven inch dick swung about. Martin was trying to fight the zombies off with out much success, July said ” come on let us get a closer look and along with her three friends climbed on board the aircraft and soon realised their mistake when the zombies turned on them and started ripping their clothes off, Martin had managed to back into a corner and was soon looking at four naked struggling girls hearing them screaming, he then heard July shout ” he is fucking me ” Martin looked and saw that a zombie was pounding into July’s love tube Martin saw that each of the girls were being pounded by zombies and developed a nine inch erection, Martin felt safe from danger in the corner he was in and watched as the zombies pounded away into the love tubes of the help less girls, after a hour the zombies left the aircraft leaving the girls laying on the floor after a short time three of the girls had managed to get up and run off leaving July laying on the floor, when July got up Martin saw that her nipples were very erect Martin stepped from the shadows, July looked at Martin and said ” you could have helped ” Martin smiled stepped up to July and said ” the zombies seemed to manage ” and started to rub her firm boobs then lay her back down onto the floor where July parted her legs allowing Martin to slide his throbbing dick into her love tube and start to thrust in and out, after a hour Martin and July were walking through the site when July saw a mass of zombies and pointed them out to Martin who said ” there are hundreds of the things and they are heading towards town, both Martin and July started heading in the same direction as the zombies wondering what they would see when they got to the town. In town July’s three still naked friends had arrived and were mumbling about zombies, the residents of the town thought that the girls were high on drugs and did not believe what the girls were telling them but when the first of the zombies appeared there was panic set in with residents running in fear as the zombies entered town.

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