Well Spanked Street – New Sex Story

It was in the early hours of the morning when the peace and quiet of the street was broken by the sound of screeching tyres and an engine being reved up, residents who had been woken from their sleep looked out of their bedroom windows and saw sixteen year old Steve on his brothers motor bike causing the disturbance, Steve was well known for his thugish violent behaviour, his older brother was just as bad and was in prison for hitting a police officer, Steve’s sister Amy was twelve and the complete opposite of her brothers, she was quiet, polite and would help anybody if she could. Residents shouted at Steve to be quiet but got the normal verbal abuse from him that they often had to endure, after a hour Steve went into his house much to his neighbour’s joy. The following day Steve was in the local Bengali owned corner shop his mum was also in there, the shop owner was having a verbal go at Steve’s mum who admitted that she could not control Steve and said ” If you can control him do so, do what ever you want” the owners wife stepped forward and to Steve’s surprise and shock grabbed him and in one move pinned him over the counter and as Steve struggled to get free pulled his joggers down and started to slap his bare bum, Anjana who was Amy’s best friend and in her class at school watched in awe as her mum spanked the naked bum of the local thug liking the way Steve’s seven inch hairy dick swung about, it was the first time she had seen a white dick and liked what she was seeing. After giving Steve twelve hard slaps Anjana’s mum released Steve warning him he would get more if he did not start to behave. Steve pulled his joggers up and ran from the shop. Anjana stood smiling very happy at what she had just witnessed and the following day in school told her friends what she had seen, it was soon round the school about Steve having his bare bum spanked by a fifty five year old Bengali woman, mum’s and dads also heard about, the following day Steve’s best mate Martin was in the shop his mum walked in and said ” treat him the same as you do Steve” and soon Anjana was smiling when she saw martin’s six inch dick appear and watched as it flopped about while he was spanked by her mum, soon other parents were telling Anjan’s mum that she could spank their sons and daughters which made Anjana happy and after a few days she had seen alot of white dicks as well as a few love tubes. One day after school Anjana arrived home at the shop to find a wooden beam had been erected in the stock room and later found out why, after visiting a friend Anjana arrived home and went in the stock room to find Steve bent over the beam with his wrists tied to his ankles and smiled when she saw that he was naked, after half a hour Martin was also tied naked over the beam, and when Anjana’s mum said to her ” you may spank them go ahead and give them twelve slaps each, Anjana thought cool then went to Martin and started to slap his bare bum with a big smile on her face as she did, after spanking Martin Anjana moved over to Steve and started to spank his bum just after she had finished Amy walked in and smiled as she saw Martin’s and her brothers dicks, the two girls stood talking and admiring the dicks of the two helpless boys, suddenly Anjana said ” wow look at that” pointing at Martin as she spoke, Anjana looked at Martin and when she saw that he had an eight inch erection she said ” cool a hard on” when Anjana’s mum walked in and saw Martin’s erection she said ” humiliation time” after a short pause she looked at her daughter and said to her ” you may relive him of that erection” Anjana said ” cool will do” then knelt on the floor took Martin’s dick in her hand and started to jerk it smiling as she did and after ten minutes when Martin squirted his cum in four spurts” Anjana said ” cool you see that” Amy who had been sat mouth open wide watching as her best mate had been jerking Martin said ” yeah I did” then after looking at her brother and seeing that he had a nine inch erection said ” look he has a hard on ” Anjana looked and said ” wow that is massive” and when her mum told her to do the same to Steve as she had done to Martin Anjana did not hesitate and was soon kneeling in front of Steve with his erect dick in her hand jerking it while Amy sat watching and when Steve squirted his cum in five spurts both girls gasped Anjana then said ” he has got a lot of spunk in his dick” over the next few days Anjana was happy to spank a lot of white boys as they bent naked over the beam and was even more happy when they got erections and she was able to jerk them off and was really happy when Paul the school bully who gave her lots of verbal abuse was bending over the bar and after she had slapped his bare bum twelve times as hard as she could, sat waiting and watching his five inch shaved dick and when it started to grow she thought ” yes” and once it had grown to a full seven inch erection Anjana started to jerk it and when Paul squirted his cum in three long spurts Anjana thought that it was well cool and hoped that she could do it again soon, it was not long before the youngsters in the street were behaving and Anjana was disapointed that there was less for her to do.

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