Wife is Home Alone – New Sex Story

My wife Cathy and I have been married for fifteen years; she is thirty-eight, tall and size 8 with fantastic 32C tits, a nice toned ass and very attractive with brown eyes and long chestnut hair. The best thing about Cathy is she loves dick, absolutely loves it.
Over the years I had mentioned a few times how I got turned on at the thought of watching her get fucked, but we had never taken it further than dirty talk whilst we were having sex. However, when I left our remote farmhouse on a warm summer morning to go away on business for a few days I had no clue as to what was about to happen.
I had been away two days when a video file from Cathy pinged into my inbox as I settled down in my hotel room in the evening. I opened it, and saw two builders working on our new deck at the back of the house. I smiled and remembered the work was being done and assumed Cathy had sent a video of the work progressing.
The builders were very fit, and had their shirts off (as builders do) but then Cathy appeared into shot wearing white lace top stockings and suspenders, a white basque and no panties. The builders immediately stopped work, gazing at her in amazement; she did look stunning.
‘I’ll be inside if you guys need anything, anything at all’.
As she walked back inside, the video ended, and I sat there feeling a little bewildered, and then I heard a ping as another video file pinged into my inbox, and I immediately clicked on ‘play’.
The camera was now inside our bedroom, and Cathy was sat on the edge of the bed in her white lingerie, her hair tied in a ponytail and bright red lipstick shimmered against her white teeth as she smiled directly at the camera and blew me a kiss.
The door opened and the two builders entered and stood in front of Cathy, who reached forward and started stroking their cocks through their tight jeans.
‘You two took your fucking time’ she muttered, as they both unbuckled their Jeans and let them drop to the floor. Their cocks were already hard, probably in anticipation of what they were about to do to my gorgeous wife. One of the builders had an average sized cock, but the second was huge, probably nine inches long and really thick, and she stroked it was she sucked on the other stiff cock.
She alternated between cocks, sucking hard and shifting position to ensure I could see exactly what was going on. She massaged their hard lengths, her tits wobbling in the basque as she did, before eventually lying back on the bed and ordering the smaller dicked builder to lick her cunt whilst the other knelt above her, sliding his hard dick into her eager mouth.
Eventually she rolled over onto her hands and knees, and with a huge cock in her mouth, the second builder started fingering her.
‘Don’t worry about that, just fuck me’ she said, glancing at the camera as she spoke. He needed no second invitation and started pumping her wet cunt, as he pulled her head back with her ponytail, and his mate fucked her mouth.
They grinned at each other as they took turns fucking my wife, pumping her wet holes hard and making her scream for more. When she had the big cock inside her, she turned to look at directly at the camera and spoke;
‘fuck me in my ass, I want your dick in my ass’ before replacing the cock back in her mouth.
Both of them fucked her in the arse, before she knelt right in front of the camera so I could see both of them spill their cum all over her face. She smiled the sluttiest of smiles, and then ordered them back to work. As they left the room, she turned her cum drenched face to the camera and blew me another kiss;
‘I hope that was what you wanted darling, see you tomorrow’
The video cut out and I was left speechless, but exceptionally hard. I replayed the video file and came as she ordered them to fuck her in the ass.
I arrived home the next day and fucked her senseless three or four times. We still watch the video together from time to time, and really get off on how filthy my beautiful wife was that day.


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