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The whole world was in turmoil, the biggest recession ever to hit mankind was entering the second year, many firms had gone bankrupt, offices shops and factories were closing down after going bankrupt there was a shortage of much needed gas and electric with power only on for four hours a day to reserve stocks, food banks started to open to feed the hungry but they only opened once a month as there was very little food about, any jobs that did soon had hundreds of people applying for it, law and order had broken down causing the crime rate to soar sky high, in England vigilante gangs were trying to keep control. Sixteen year old Steve had been caught breaking into a house by the owner of the house who had quickly over powered Steve, Steve was now in the basement tied by his wrists to and overhead beam with his feet just touching the ground, the house owner had stripped Steve naked, the owners daughter Amy who was seven years younger than what Steve was and her sister Sara who was four years younger than Steve was were both stood admiring Steve’s naked body, when Amy said ” it is my turn this time you did the last one ” Steve wondered what she meant, Sara replied go on then, Amy walked up to Steve and to his horror started to play with his seven inch dick which soon grew to a nine inch erection both girls stood admiring Steve’s dick then after a couple of minutes Amy started to jerk it, Steve was very sensitive in the groin area and after a few minutes of Amy stroking his dick Steve squirted cum in four spurts much to the delight of the two girls who both cheered, soon after both girls left the basement with Steve wondering how long he would be held for. Steve’s girlfriend Sharon who was also sixteen had been waiting outside for Steve to return after a hour when Steve had not returned Sharon guessed that he had been caught and returned to the derelict factory that now housed homeless people, Sharon knew that without Steve to look after her she would be in more danger from the perverts that hung about, Old Mrs Jones who Sharon had helped a few times saw Sharon and after finding out Steve was missing offered to look after Sharon who readily accepted, Sharon went into the shelter that Mrs Jones had built where she sat talking with Mrs Jones and her three grandsons, Sharon knew Mark who was one of the grandsons and two years younger than what she was, Sharon knew that Mark was a well known pervert and did not like him, the other two grandsons Adam and Tony were twins and four years younger than Sharon was, it was not long before Mrs Jones was fast asleep and snoring, Adam showed Sharon where she was sleeping then got under a blanket near by, Sharon took her hoody off folded it up to use as a pillow then lay down and soon drifted off to sleep, when somebody started to raise her tee shirt Sharon woke up and saw Adam lifting her tee shirt, Sharon tried to move her arms but found that they were tied to a post above her head and she was also gagged, Sharon could do nothing to stop Adam who raised Sharon’s tee shirt over her head exposing her naked boobs as he did Adam said nice tits and rubbed them before undoing Sharon’s jeans and forcing them right down, Sharon found that her legs were tied to posts, then Tony appeared and started to rub the helpless Sharon’s love tube while Adam played with her ample boobs, Sharon felt Tony slide his fingers inside her love tube and start to finger her while Adam sucked on her nipples, after twenty minutes Tony said ” she is cumming ” as Sharon climaxed, after a short time the twins swapped places and Adam was soon fingering Sharon while Tony sucked her nipples then after half a hour the twins cheered when Sharon climaxed a second time, not long after the twins left Sharon then soon after Sharon saw Mark walk into view with a seven inch erection on show, it was not long before Sharon felt Mark’s dick slide up her love tube and start to thrust in and out pushing in really deep after twenty minutes Sharon had come twice more before Mark was squirting cum over her body, not long after the twins pulled Sharon’s jeans up and after doing them up lowered her tee shirt, a few hours later Sharon woke to find her bounds had been undone after putting her hoody on Sharon left the old factory and tried to find Steve but failed to find him as she looked round the boarded up town Sharon saw Kim who was the same age as the twins in an ally, Kim was naked with a boy that Sharon knew was eighteen years old thrusting into her love tube Sharon could see that Kim was enjoying herself and after watching for a while she saw the boy squirt cum, Sharon smiled and walked off continuing her search for Steve, as Sharon walked past the house where Steve once lived she saw his brother Martin who was two years younger than what she was, after asking Martin if he had seen Steve and was told by Martin that he had been caught Sharon gave up the hunt and was going to look for some where to stay but when Martin said to her ” come stay with us in the house ” Sharon decided to stay and followed Martin round to the back of the house and in through an unboarded window once inside Martin took Sharon to the basement where she was surprised to see a large metal tub full of water with a fire burning under it, Sharon noticed that there were quite a few teens in the tub all naked and splashing about, Sharon saw Martin undressing and once naked she saw that like Steve he had a large dick, Martin climbed into the tub as he did he said to Sharon ” come on get in it is safe no adults are allowed in the house ” Sharon was soon naked and climbing into the tub, after a hour Martin got out, Sharon also got out and followed the naked Martin upstairs to a room where there were lots of mattresses spread out, Martin went to one mattress saying it was his and after laying on it patted the one next to it and told Sharon it was her’s, Sharon lay down on it and noticed there were boys walking around with erections and plenty of sex going on, Martin said ” do not worry nobody will force you to do anything if they do they will get a good beating and thrown out ” Sharon then noticed that Martin had an eight inch erection and said to him ” judging by your hard cock you are ready for to fuck somebody ” Martin smiled and said ” your nipples are very erect looks like your ready as well ” Sharon reached down and took Martin’s dick in her hand and stared to stroke it, after a couple of minutes Martin gently pushed Sharon flat on her back as he did Sharon parted her legs and when Martin slid his dick into her love tube Sharon groaned then after ten minutes of Martin thrusting in and out of her love tube Sharon let out a deep groan as she climaxed after then squirting his cum over Sharon’s body the pair lay cuddled up together with Martin thinking this is one hand me down from my brother that I do not mind.

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